The Notion Wedding Planner template - Couples Edition


The first Notion Wedding Planner - incl. COVID backup plan

Plan your wedding in an efficient and beautiful looking way - just like a professional wedding planner. Invite other people and assign them tasks. Everyone will be always on the same page - without any paper.

The template consists of several modules that are interlinked, down to the task level. Forget the time-consuming browsing through paper stacks to find the relevant information or mailing around with friends and vendors.

Although it's a Notion template - it's also a course: it takes you on the journey of developing your own wedding style, connect with your partner to be clear of your wishes and become a pro when talking with vendors. It combines planning, creative concept development and understanding how everything in the organization depends on each other (which is the most demanding part of the organization of a wedding).

Watch the two videos where I show how the templates look like (end of image gallery).

Want to test first? Check out the light version.

The power module - Planning

The planning module comes with 60+ pre-filled tasks and with detailed explanations expanding over 4500 words.

  • Set your wedding day and the tasks will calculate automatically when they need to be done
  • every task comes with a pre-set time window when it should be done.
  • Focus on only on what needs to be done in any given month, thanks to pre-defined filtered views - no information overload!
  • Track each task with % of completion, and it's overall status (ready, started, done)

If you need support or co-organize your wedding, Notion is ready to invite other people to your wedding planner. The instruction module explains to you how to do that and, of course, how to use and navigate the entire planner.

More modules

The Wedding Planner, beside the planning module, also comes with the following (all interlinked to see dependencies and not to forget something):

  • Mood Board - your personal Pinterest with pre-filled records and categories. To be shared with family, friends and vendors
  • Vendor contact database with pre-filled vendor categories
  • Quote Tracking - track all quotes of your vendors in one module and compare prices easily
  • Guest list - track who's invited, who confirmed, who sits where, dietary requirements and who stays overnight
  • Wish List - so your guests know what to give you
  • Budget Planer - know what you want to spend per service and connect it with the respective quote in the Quote module
  • Wedding Day Script - write your storyboard and share it with vendors and co-organizers
  • Wedding Planning Wiki - giving you some behind the curtain context for your planning, especially around budgeting and sustainability
  • Installation & Tutorials - 19 video tutorials that explain how to use the template.


Saves you more than 18h of research, planning and structure set-up AND the know-how of a wedding planner in a systemized way. It also does more than any other checklist out there: it's interlinked, digital and cloud-based. Therefore, the responsibilities can be shared with ease, the information is always up-to-date, no back and forth mailing, and it saves trees 🌳


No other planner out there has a backup plan that helps you to consider and take measures for a COVID 🦠 situation that might impact your wedding. #staysafe


And the best of all; the planner is everywhere where you are. On your computer, browser, mobile or tablet. Notion is cloud-based. Make sure to get your free Notion account here.


Want to become an affiliate? Get in touch - Want to translate the template? Get in touch - #notion #notiontemplate


Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes! Once you've made the purchase, I will send you a link to duplicate this to your Notion workspace.

Is there a refund policy?

Nope, once you received it, it's beyond my knowledge how you use it. I do recommend you get accustomed to Notion before purchasing this template. Create a free account here and they have an awesome onboarding process.

If I like certain sections of the Wedding Planner Template a lot, and want to duplicate them into my personal workspace, can I?

Sure! Feel free to use the components of the Wedding Planner template in your personal workspace. I just ask that you don't resell parts of it or create articles using the content.

Can I duplicate this database to share with my team / friends?

No, this is a personal licence for individual use. Feel free to become an affiliate.

What qualifies you to create this?

I've organized my sisters weddings, was an Event Manager and worked in the wedding industry creating outstanding wedding cakes. Several years of experience compressed in this template.

Can I get a customization for the template?

Yes! Get in touch with me via my website.

Who isn't this template for?

  • You're not willing to work with Notion - the personal plan is free!
  • You're a paper person and don't like organizing your wedding in a digital way
  • You're planning to have a simple wedding; go to the registry office and then for dinner with a few friends and family, all done in a few hours
  • You plan a huge wedding, with over 150 people, spanning over more than one day - then you might get a wedding planner, aka a human, to begin with
  • You plan a destination wedding in a country whose language you hardly speak. In that case, you might consider hiring a local wedding planner

About me

Hi, I'm Natascha Buck, Notion Consultant for the German-speaking markets. You can find me at (site in German) or on Twitter.

After your purchase

You will receive a PDF with instructions on how to set up your Notion account and the link to the template.

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The template contains 10 modules, 60+ detailed tasks, 15 pages, 35+ pre-set filters, over 5000 words and 19 video tutorials

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The Notion Wedding Planner template - Couples Edition